Transportation Aftermarket

Meccom products are production proven.  Maintaining a large inventory and network of authorized distributors, we can ensure reliable service for repair shops, customizers and reinstall businesses.  There is a Meccom product for anything that moves:  Recreation vehicles, buses, farm equipment, boats, mining equipment, emergency vehicles, military vehicles… and more. 

Cooper Standard Automotive has been providing seals, trim and vibration control systems to major automotive original equipment manufactures for years.  Today there is a vast global market for Meccom products.

Push On Trim Seals

Push-on Trim Seals offer a fast, easy way to weatherstrip and trim vehicle doors and windows.  Install by simply pushing them over raw edges and flanges.  Choose from many configurations, Available in dual durometer sponge and solid rubber with flexible wire core, and vinyl and sponge flexible segmented steel core.  

QuickEdge Trims

QuickEdge Trim provides decorative engineered designs to enhance your product with variety of plastic chrome, wood grain, gold, basket weave and colored finishes.  Our patented QuickEdge segmented metal core provides the strongest and most resilient gripping power.  

Unbeaded Weatherstrip

Unbeaded channels with a steel core has rubber coverings, it gives long-life protection against corrosion, noise and rattles.  Inside lining, whether wool or polypropylene pile, felt or special fabrics, is tightly woven for maximum glass cushion.  Colors won’t fade. Flexible steel core, whether perforated or corrugated, forms easily and quickly for a perfect fit to any contour without pulling or stretching.  

Beaded Channel Weatherstrips

The Beaded Channels stainless or galvanized-steel bead provides extra trim and increase side wall rigidity.  Close packed wool or polypropylene pile fabric lining gives heavy cushion and weathertight fit with minimum friction to glass.  Extra long life assured by galvanizing or super thick rubber covered steel core.  Utmost protection against corrosion, noise and rattles.