Chan-L™ Mounts

Chan-L Mount are designed to support light to medium weight machinery and isolate vertical disturbing frequencies of 600 cpm or higher. Their elastomer-supported channel design features a soft vertical spring rate. If the main disturbing forces are lateral, the mountings should be installed with the channel axis in the same direction as the forces. The design incorporates built-in protection against metal-to-metal bottoming. Load ratings range from 50 to 400 pounds per unit.

Part Number Max. Static Load Rating (lbs) Max. Static Load Rating - Deflection (inch) Dim. A (inch) Dim. D (inch)
J-2170-1 50 0.25 1 4.5
J-2171-1 100 0.25 2 4.5
J-2172-1 200 0.25 4 4.5
J-2173-1 400 0.25 8 4.5