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Molded Rubber Cap/Tip

Meccom Industrial Products Co, provides rubber and plastic caps in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. Add these tips and caps to almost any item, to create a safer home or work environment. Each one of our lines of rubber and plastic caps have many uses in various industries.

Tips and caps are used in varying applications- primarily to protect feet on equipment, crutches and canes, chairs, and table legs This like all our products are only limited by the minds of who seek to use them. These parts can be molded in colors of your choosing as well.

We stock several sizes and makes of both rubber and plastic tips and caps. Customers tend to purchase custom tips and caps, so let one of our sales representatives know exactly what you need so they can quickly provide it to you at an affordable price.

Part Number Inside Dia.-A (inch) Outside Dia.-B (inch) I.D Depth-C (inch) End Thickness-D (inch) Total Height-E (inch)
AI-1235 0.156 0.359 0.438 0.125 0.562
AI-1262 0.219 0.5 0.25 0.109 0.359
AI-1684 0.25 0.531 0.344 0.25 0.594