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Meccom Industrial Products: Innovating Window Solutions with Self-Sealing Weatherstrips

Introducing Cooper Standard ISG’s innovative self-sealing weatherstrips, a breakthrough solution. As outlined in the article “SELF-SEALING WEATHERSTRIPS” by Cooper Standard, these weatherstrips provide unparalleled ease of installation and exceptional sealing capabilities, ensuring optimal protection against external elements.

Designed to secure glass firmly and effectively, the self-sealing weatherstrips offer versatile applications across various industries and markets. Whether it’s for garage door windows, RV windows, automotive windows, or heavy farming equipment, the weatherstrips guarantee superior performance and reliability.

Available in EPDM anti-oxidizing black rubber, these weatherstrips come in a range of profiles and styles, including one-piece and two-piece configurations, as well as sliding window assemblies. This versatility enables seamless integration into different window setups, meeting diverse requirements with precision.

Furthermore, the materials used in these weatherstrips comply with stringent industry standards, ensuring durability and longevity. EPDM rubber is compounded to meet the requirements for ASTM D 2000 SAEJ 200 M4AA77 A13 B13 C12 F17 P2, guaranteeing high-quality performance in demanding environments.

Proudly introducing these self-sealing weatherstrips, revolutionizing window solutions with enhanced security and sealing capabilities.

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