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Meccom Industrial Products: Diving into EPDM Excellence – Properties and Applications

As highlighted by Thomasnet in their comprehensive article “All About EPDM Rubber – Properties, Applications, and Uses,” this exploration delves into the world of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber—a synthetic rubber renowned for its remarkable properties.

EPDM’s molecular structure, featuring a single-bond, chemically saturated backbone, renders it exceptionally resistant to outdoor conditions. Notably, it withstands abrasion, UV rays, ozone, aging, and adverse weather, making it the ultimate waterproof rubber. With a temperature resistance range from -50 degrees F (-45 C) to 350 degrees F (177 C), EPDM showcases flexibility with 600% elongation and a tensile range of 500-2500 psi.

The emphasis is on EPDM’s multifaceted applications, particularly in the automotive industry, where its insulating and noise-reducing qualities shine. Despite its vulnerability to solvents and lack of flame resistance, EPDM proves durable when properly maintained, with roofing lasting 30-50 years and liners up to two decades.

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