Marine & Recreation

Be the “Hero of the Marina” with Meccom.  There are various styles of rubber dock bumpers to protect boats, docks and decks all around the water.  Cradle pads are available to protect boats in transit or storage.  Mooring snubbers provide safety stretch to mooring lines and give boat owners piece of mind during stormy nights.  

Meccom Products Company stainless steel sliding window channels cushion, protect, stop rattles and last for years.  They won’t rust – even in salt water.  SealStriip rubber tape is handy anywhere.  Meccom Marine products provide safety, comfort, and neatness all around the water.

Stainless Steel Sliding Window Channels

Marine stainless steel window channels last for years and will not rust, even in salt water.  They are designed specifically for marine use.  Channels are made of type 316 non-magnetic stainless steel.  Glass slides easily on the heavy plastic strip in the bottom of each channel over a felt cushion, which permits installation screws to be counter sunk and tightened for proper clearance.  Polypropylene pile fabric will not rot or mildw, is ultra violet stabilized, and moth proof. 

Marine Dock Bumpers

Marine Dock Bumpers are easy to install and are long lasting.  The perfect replacement for old tires, used hoses, and weird colored carpets.  Choose from several styles and lengths to protect boats in transit or in the marina.  Ideal for floating docks, pilings, cradles and decks.  

Marine Mooring Snubber

Meccom’s Marine Mooring Snubber gives safety stretch to mooring lines.  Absorbs shock of wind and waves.  Easy installation of this Marine product from Meccom Products Company.  

Marine Cradle Pads

Meccom Products Company Cradle Pad acts as a cushion and keep out rain and snow, dust and drafts.  They will soften on the coldest day of winter or the hottest days of summer.  Available in a range of styles, lengths and widths for any application.