Manufacturing & Maintenance

Trim and seal raw edges and flanges, Silence shaky panels and doors, cushion and protect finishes in transit and during installation.  Secure and enclose wiring harnesses and fasteners.  Seal access doors and viewing windows from dust and oils in harsh atmospheres.  Meccom products will keep you on the leading edge.  On appliances, controllers, machines.  With Meccom you can go anywhere.  

Meccom Products Company Weatherstripping is the process of sealing openings such as doors, windows, and trunks from the elements. The term can also refer to the materials used to carry out such sealing processes.

Tape On Seals

Tape On Seals provide excellent seal against air, water, noise and dust. The all rubber tape on seals over the edge of glass, can be inserted into a metal frame or channel and trim with a knife or razor blade.  It seals against dirt, moisture and weather, as well as providing insulation against sound and vibration.  Tape on seals is preferred for vent work because it turns tight corners easily, yet won’t stretch out of shape, and it’s thin enough so that it won’t crowd the glass to cause cracking or breaking.

Garage Door Products

Garage Door Products from Meccom Products Company provide a strong setting that is both a cushion and tight seal.  It conforms to the garage door very easily.  The rubber content protects against shock or frame distortion.  

Self Sealing Lock Strips

Self Sealing Lock Strips provide inexpensive fixed installation.  They are easy to install, lock the glass in place and give an efficient seal.  Available in one or two-piece configurations including chrome line lock strips for an extra touch of class. 

Vinyl & Sponge with Flexible Segmented Steel Core

Meccom Industrial Products Company specializes in the production of Vinyl & Sponge with Flexible Segmented Steel Core push on trim seals that have a self-gripping profile with sponge rubber and can clip on door seals and have reinforced rubber profiles with steel carriers, self-gripping gaskets.  The main material is a EPDM dense and sponge rubber plus segmented steel core which can be extruded into profiles of various shapes and sizes.