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What kinds of weather stripping are available?

There are a wide variety of weather stripping materials available to cover up just about any gap, space or hole. From foam and felt, to metals and vinyl, here are a few kinds to consider when draft proofing your home.

Adhesive-Backed Tape:
Made of foam or rubber, this weather stripping may be the kind with which you’re most familiar. Sold in a roll, it comes in a variety of different sizes and – as its name describes— has an adhesive back that is used to adhere around windows or doors. It is easy to install; however, it does require replacing more often than other types of weather stripping.

Felt weather stripping may come as plain felt or as felt reinforced by a thin metal strip. It does not include an adhesive backing so it must be stapled into place around a window or door. Although it is more durable than the adhesive-backed tape, it usually lasts one to two years and is susceptible to moisture and wear and tear.

Made of metal or vinyl, this weather stripping is long lasting. Many V-Strips come with an adhesive back, which makes them easy to install. V-Strips are a good option for high-traffic areas as they are durable and do not stand out.

Tubular Rubber or Vinyl
While it requires more work to install, tubular weather stripping can last about five years. This type is useful for areas that require more closure as the tubes of rubber or vinyl create a tight seal when a door or window is pressed against them.

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