Heavy Equipment

Operator and machinery environments are safe, clean and secure with Meccom products.  Onboard heating and cooling systems operate at peak efficiency, dust-free atmospheres contribute to worker comfort and productivity.  Few companies, if any, can match the wide range of fully integrated process capabilities employed at Cooper Standard Automotive.  This means you get the best price, delivery and, most important – reliably consistent quality which today’s savvy buyers are demanding, Nothing is more competitive than the heavy equipment industry. 

There’s a Meccom product for every opening.  Weatherstripping, window channels, edge trim, seals, door buttons, gaskets and more.  With these products Meccom can give you the leading edge.

Weatherstrip with Stainless-Steel Bead

Flexible steel core is rubber-covered for moisture proof corrosion protection.  Live rubber cushions glass and seals weatherstrip tightly to molding.  Thick wool or polypropylene pile fabric prevents penetration of dust, drafts or moisture.  Anti-rattle protection is unsurpassed.  Stainless steel bead matches chrome trim and enhances appearance of installation.  

Weatherstrips without Stainless Steel Bead

Steel core is flexible and easily formed.  Live rubber covers the core for superior corrosion protection.  It cushions glass and grips molding tightly.  Close packed wool or polypropylene pile fabric or felt, seals out dust, drafts and moisture, eliminates rattles. 

Self Sealing Weatherstrips

Self Sealing Weatherstrips for windshields and windows provide inexpensive fixed window installation.  They are easy to install, lock the glass in place and given and efficient seal.  Available in one or two-piece configurations including chrome line lock strips for an extra touch of class. 

Glass Setting Tape

Glass setting tape holds glass firmly and for keeps.  All-rubber, will not bleed or discolor glass.  Seals against dirt, moisture and weather.  Insulates against sound and vibration.  It turns tight corners easily, yet won’t stretch out of shape.  Thin enough so it will not crowd the glass to cause cracking or breaking.