Custom Expansion Joints

Environmental Capabilities

  • Temperature
    • Cryogenic to Super-High Heat
  • Pressure
    • Vacuum to Extreme Pressure
  • Size
    • From a few inches to over 10 ft.

Product Capabilities

We design and provide expansion joints made from all grades of stainless steel, and the most commonly used elastomers from EPDM, VITON, PTFE, and high-temperature composites for ducting joints.

Pressure Capabilities

Pipe Expansion Joints:  Full Vacuum to 500 PSIG
Duct Joints:  -3 PSIG Vacuum to 15 PSIG

Temperature Capabilities

Pipe Joints:  -320 Deg. F (Cryogenic) to 1800 Deg. F
Duct Joints:   -100 Deg. F to 1800 Deg. F

Size Ranges

Round Pipe Joints:  1/2″ ID to 132″ ID Round
Round Duct Joints:  3″ ID to 132″ ID
Rectangular Metallic Duct Joints: 20′-0″ X 20′-0″
Rectangular Non- Metallic Duct Joints: Unlimited

Meccom Industrial Expansion Joints

Meccom Industrial Expansion Joints

Meccom Industrial Expansion Joints

Meccom Industrial Expansion Joints

Meccom Industrial Expansion Joints

Meccom Industrial Expansion Joints

Advantages of PEBCO/Meccom

Pebco Sales are Designers and fabricators of devices used to compensate for thermal expansion / contraction, lateral offset, and angular misalignment. They are most commonly known as “Expansion Joints” or “Flexible Connectors” in the U.S.  They are mostly called Kompensators in Europe. They are most commonly used in piping and ducting systems when the pipe or duct is adjacent to vibrating and other equipment. The expansion joint is designed to relieve stresses between the duct or pipe and the equipment.  Long runs of pipe or duct need expansion joint to absorb the thermal growth of the pipe or duct as they get hot.  The expansion joint will compress as the pipe or duct expands relative to the co-effiction of growth per their temperature over ambient.  Equipment where expansion joints are most used is of course long runs of pipe or duct, pumps, valves, pressure chambers, scrubbers, precipitators, dust collectors, drop chutes, furnaces, and ovens.

Ducting Expansion Joints:

  • Metallic Stainless Steel Bellows
  • Elastomeric EPDM-Viton
  • Hi-Temp Insulated, Teflon

Piping Expansion Joints:

  • METAL Internal & Externally Pressurized
  • RUBBER Straight, Eccentric & Concentric
  • TEFLON Molded & Machined

HVAC Products:

  • Compensators
  • Bellows Pumps Connectors

Fan Connectors:

  • Metallic
  • Elastomeric
  • Hi-Temp Insulator



Over 200 years of expansion joint experience from manufacturing, all the way to design.


ISO Certified

We are ISO-9001 2015 Edition Compliant


Welding Certification

Our Welding is compliant to ASME Section 1x.


Client Satisfaction

Pebco/Meccom holds impeccable reputation in the field regarding quality.


Reliable Delivery

We consistently strive to hit our promised delivery dates. Batting over 97%


Renown Customer Service

Here at Pebco/Meccom we pride ourselves when it comes to our responsive customer service, with quick pricing and quick answers.

Why Choose Meccom Industrial?

We have the design capability to develop and build special designs that fit specific tough applications and will also help to increase life.  Many times placement, i.e. location of the expansion joint, can help increase service life and provide lower spring rates to allow for greater equipment life.
Special materials that most of our competitors are unfamiliar with can be used for very tough abrasive and corrosive applications.