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The Complete Guide to Weatherstripping the House

Weatherstripping is a time-honored method of minimizing door and window drafts throughout the house. In the winter, weatherstripping prevents heated air from escaping the home and bars the entry of cold from the outdoors. Come summer, weatherstripping performs a near-identical role—this time, saving air-conditioned indoor air from leaking out being replaced by outdoor heat.

This weatherproofing tactic does far more than simply prevent discomfort indoors; it’s known to have energy-saving benefits, too. In combination with proper insulation, sealing drafts with various types of weatherstripping and caulk can save an average of 10 percent on year-round energy costs, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program.

What are the Common Types of Weatherstripping?
While the name may conjure up images of a complex system or an elaborate installation process, the reality is much simpler. Weatherstripping refers to a group of straightforward, easy-to-install products that do nothing more than seal gaps in house components that swing, slide, or lift. Here is a rundown of the four popular weatherstripping products.

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