About Meccom

Pebco Sales


Meccom Industrial Products was established in October of 1981. null
It was formed as a subsidiary of our parent company Pebco Sales, Inc., which was founded in 1967, with the intent of stocking standard products manufactured by the companies which Pebco Sales represented.

Meccom Industrial Products began with a small inventory of molded
and extruded rubber products, including grommets, bumpers and ‘U’ Channels. Over the years we have added a line of standard One-Piece and Two-Piece Weatherstrips along with a line of Vibration, Shock and Noise Control Products.

Pebco Sales expertise involves the control of thermal growth and vibration in Pressure Pipe and Flue Duct applications. For the Pressure Pipe market we carry a large inventory of Rubber and Teflon Expansion Joints and to compliment this market we also offer a variety of Metal Pump Connectors and Braided Flexible Hose Assemblies. For the Ducting market we fabricate our own line of various styles of Ducting Expansion Joints to meet most every application.


Our corporate mission has always been to represent the manufacturer with integrity and to supply our customers a Quality Product with an On-Time Delivery at a Competitive Price. By following this criteria we feel we can achieve our end goal of building a successful and profitable business.

Our dedicated and experienced staff is ready to help with any of your industrial rubber, pressure pipe or ducting application needs.  If we don’t have it on our shelf or can’t fabricate it for you chances are we know where to go to get it for you. We look forward to being of service to you.